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Petrous specializes in helping C-level officers and organization leaders

improve their personal performance, enabling them to deliver superior operational result to their constituent stakeholders.

Pure Leadership Power™

Is leadership a cloak of comfort, or a robe of responsibility? The answer is obvious, yet most leaders when they get into a position of authority become more and more out of touch with reality...

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Operational Rhythm™

Operational Rhythm™ is a 5-Step process that details how to lead a team to achieve big time results. Operational Rhythm™ is not only exceptional at executing strategy, its stunning...

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Why are 85% of all strategic plans never implemented? Since most of us don’t have a working strategy, what do we miss? Strategic plans have never been more important...

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Performance Measurement

Being an innovative leader in today’s business environment can be tricky. With our best leadership, we create high performing cultures, engaged and self directed employees, robust and healthy cultures...

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Success Stories

Strategy, leadership coaching, process re-design, and especially powerful implementation process helped Genysis double revenue in less than one year, and grow another 266% in three years!

“Petrous Leadership helped Utah Food Bank to achieve a far more targeted and direct approach to attain higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement than we were able to do on our own."

Strategy and Team Operational Rhythm - a powerful implementation process - gave JDHGroup the confidence that they could attain an aggressive vision with an optimistic strategy.

After utilizing Petrous's unique Operational Rhythm methodology the change in culture and performance at Jacobi Medical Center was amazing! Engagement and satisfaction rose, leadership and management competency increased, and all other business practices significantly improved.

"The Petrous Process Design Methodology is a systems design approach to systemically diagnose or assess the organization and then design or redesign it for high performance. It is a roadmap that shows how to get started and how to get everything and everybody ready for “Day One” of implementation."

This business achieved tremendous growth. It grew 250% in three years in a mature industry and established itself as an industry leader and regional powerhouse.

“Through a powerful team building process, the executive team developed unity, trust, clarity of goals and roles, and accountability to achieve some extraordinary results.”