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Pure Leadership Power™

Is leadership a cloak of comfort, or a robe of responsibility? The answer is obvious, yet most leaders when they get into a position of authority become more and more out of touch with reality. There is a huge gravitational pull to be more inward thinking, not outward reaching. As a result, leaders often become more close-minded and autocratic, believing they uniquely have the right answers. They may lose interest in the perspectives of others, or of even seeking a collaborative decision-making process. Sound familiar?

Those who must follow a controlling leader often respond by disengaging, losing confidence and decisiveness, and cease to grow and develop new skills. As a result, the organization suffers and performance falls short of expectations.

Pure Leadership Power™ is really good at helping leaders get in touch with reality, and this is the starting place to getting to the next level.

Gravitational Pull

Strengths Distinguish Strong Leaders

The Four Differentiating Leadership Outcomes

The Attributes of a Leader

Operational Rhythm™

Operational Rhythm™ is a 5-Step process that details how to lead a team to achieve big time results. Operational Rhythm™ is not only exceptional at executing strategy, its stunning for day to day operations of a team. Operational Rhythm™ gets results…first and foremost, it drives things across the goal line. Secondly, it inspires people to be internalized and self-directed. Lastly, it creates a high performing culture.

The 5-Steps of Operational Rhythm™ may seem underwhelming at first, but when followed the outcomes are…well, stunning.

Execute Operational Rhythm™ Workshop

Right People, Right Roles

Unified Focus

Driven by Metrics that Matter

Cadence of Accountability

Take Action!


Strategy is about winning! It can be in business, in sports or in just about any human endeavor. In the business environment, strategy becomes the grand plan through which an organization seeks to develop and sustain competitive advantage.

Strategy Overview

The Strategic Planning Process

Performance Measurement

Being an innovative leader in today’s business environment can be tricky. With our best leadership, we create high performing cultures, engaged and self directed employees, robust and healthy cultures and a nimble and fun place to work. At our worst, we create an ugly mess of uncertainty, low performing and unengaged staff, miscommunication, misalignment and misdirection.

What is the difference between these two extremes? Measurement.

Measurement Overview

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Business Practice Assessment

Performance Management EyeChart™

Talent Management EyeChart™

Performance Management Scorecard