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Petrous Leadership Workshops

Most of your executive team would love to succeed in being a leader, but they lack the skills necessary to lead a team. Our workshops are designed to help them acquire those skills through unique experiential experiences. We know that doing matters more than knowing, and you and your team will come out of the workshops with an action plan that unleashes your best work.

Two Types of Workshops

Whether you’re a huge multinational corporation or a small, locally run business, having a strategy and a tight-knit leadership team to implement it is essential. Unity and leadership breed success in the marketing place, and without those key factors your efforts are fruitless.

More than just TEAM BUILDING, our workshops will develop a strategy that will take your company to the next level while unleashing the potential of your leadership team.

UNBRIDLED LEADERSHIP is an innovative, powerful leadership workshop that develops leadership skills, drives engagement and delivers results. This workshop will demonstrate how leadership is the key driver for engaged people, and is the difference between average and peak performance. What’s unique about this workshop is that leaders discover how to lead through experiential learning with a horse.

OPERATIONAL RHYTHM is a 5-Step process that details how to lead a team to achieve big time results. Operational Rhythm is not only exceptional at executing strategy, its stunning for day to day operations of a team. Operational Rhythm gets results…first and foremost, it drives things across the goal line. Secondly, it inspires people to be internalized and self-directed. Lastly, it creates a high performing culture.